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Of: Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada
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S McKay
Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada

Available: Anytime
Language: English

Self-taught naturalist, nature and fine art landscape photographer. Spend the winter months photographing Snowy Owls, Northern Hawk owls and everything else that captures my imagination from a photography perspective. I'm located 15 miles north of Manitoba's capital city Winnipeg and reside in the southern portion on Manitoba's Interlake Region which is a birding MECCA. Literally hundreds of species of birds utilise the region for the purpose of breeding. From acquatic birds to songbirds ranging from Black Terns to Common Yellow-throat Warblers, Bald eagles to Osprey, White Pelicans to the Ruby-throated Humming bird, this region is HOT!!! If you love birding or photographing nature and awesome landscapes, better consider marking this region down your palces to visit list.

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