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To: D. Shaw
Of: Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Available: Anytime
Language: English, Spanish

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D. Shaw
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Available: Anytime
Language: English, Spanish


Single and multi-day, private, Alaska birding tours! I lead single day trips based out of Fairbanks where we can see many boreal species.

Each day-trip is catered to your interests, whether that's general birding, or targeting regional specialties. Private, multi-day itineraries can encompass the entire state. Want to see Arctic breeders like Yellow-billed Loon, Spectacled Eider, or Bluethroat? How about chasing the rare and elusive Gray-headed Chickadee? I can make it happen. Whether you want a relaxed morning wandering the boreal forest, a fast-paced epic chasing as many rarities as we can find, or to photograph Alaska's birds, the trip is up to you.

Area and hotspots

Boreal Forest, Tundra, Alaska Range, Brooks Range, Arctic

Local birds
Boreal and arctic specialties, Arctic Warbler, Northern Wheatear, Owls



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