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Kampala, Central, Uganda

Birding Pal

Available: Anytime
Language: English, French

Deo is one of the best birding guides in Uganda with over 10 years leading birding trips in Uganda and Rwanda.

He is renowned as a great organizer and spotter! His dedication to the progression has taken him to spearhead a community project in his home district to save a degraded community wetland by introducing ecotourism activities. The Nzuguto Community wetland and the nearby Kamweru crater are now very popular spots for birding.

Contact Deo today and he will help you plan an affordable birding trip to Uganda and Rwanda.

twitter: @UGLuxurySafaris

Birding Pal

Area and hotspots
About Uganda

Uganda as a country is known world over as one of the best birding destinations. The county's multitude of habitats, geographical location, and good weather and climate, make it Africa's best nature paradise. Though not holding many country endemics, the unusually high number of bird species per square kilometer, and the ease to the variably lush vegetation, puts Uganda amongst the top birding destinations.

There are Over 1070 species recorded, representing over 50% of the species of birds found on the African continent

Hot Spots:

Mabamba wetlands for the world's wonder; Shoebill

Semliki Forest for the west African biome species

Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Mountain National Park - for Albertine Rift endemics and other highland species

Mabira and Budongo Forests for lowland tropical rain forest species

Queen Elizabeth National Park; one the of the best migratory birds stopover spots

Murchison falls NP and Kidepo Valley National Park for Savannah and semi-arid and arid species

Lake Mburo National Park: famous for Northern Tanzania overlap species and for the beautiful African Finfoot

Kibale NP for over 10 primate species including chimps. Very popular for the Pittas

Mount Elgon National Park Eastern Uganda Marshes for the only Ugandan Endemic, the Fox's weaver

Entebbe Area Community Nature Reserves like wetlands and crater lakes that inhabit special species of birds

Local birds
Great blue Turaco
Grauer's Swamp Warbler
Green-breasted Pitta
African Green Broadbill
Papyrus Gonolek
African Finfoot
Rwenzori Turaco
Pygmy Goose
Fox's Weaver

Birding Pal

9 Days Uganda Birding Summary Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival in Uganda at Entebbe International Airport. Early arrivals may give a chance to have leisurely birding at Entebbe Botanical Gardens for a couple of hours in the afternoon/evening.
Specials here are the African grey parrots, Orange weaver, golden-backed weaver, wyen’s weaver, bathawk and many more
Overnight: Lake Victoria View Guest House for two nights B&B

Day 2 Birding to Mabamba Wetland for Shoebill + many more wetland specials like the Papyrus gonolek, lesser jacana, rufous-bellied heron, white-backed ducks, occasional pygmy goose and white-backed ducks, etc. Birding is on a canoe and there after a short walk along the nearby agricultural fields

Day 3 Birding to Murchison Falls National Park. This is a travel day, with a few stops on the way to stretch legs and look for birds. We stay in Pakwach in the northern sector of the park.
Overnight: Fort Murchison for 3 nights FB

Day 4 Birding the northern sector of the park following the delta track. Birding will be done in the car while driving. The habitat here is mostly composed of open grassland dotted with acacia trees and borassus palms. Towards the delta, it is marshy at the fringes of the Albert Nile where we have a chance to see the shoebill. We shall carry picnic lunch

Day 5 We do the same track for the whole morning and later go for a boat ride to the bottom of the falls in the afternoon

Day 6 Morning boat along the Nile downstream to the delta (Optional). Note: there are no scheduled boats for this activity, so it will be a special boat trip. Afternoon birding to the top of the falls. Optional night game drive to the Bugungu airstrip for nightjars
Overnight: Kabalega Wilderness Lodge for one night FB

Day 7 Birding to Masindi via the honeymoon track. The southern sector of the park has different habitat- composed of woodland and partly forest especially at the edge towards Masindi, hence different species of birds.
Overnight: Masindi Hotel for two nights B&B

Day 8 Birding to Lugogo swamp in the morning for the shoebill and many more. Birding is on a canoe. In the afternoon, we spend some time in the Zziwa Ranch woods – famous for Bruce’s green pigeon. Lugogo swamp is connects with marsh at the Zziwa Rhino ranch.

Day 9 Birding on the way to Entebbe for your flight back home. There a few spots on the way for brown twinspot, white-crested turaco, white-collared oliveback, occasional shoebill, marsh widowbird etc
End of trip

Costs: 2348usd per person. It includes accommodations and meals only as listed, car hire (4x4 toyota land cruiser) and fuel, birding guide charge, park entrance fees, boat fees, ferry fees.
Excluded are flight and visa fees, optional activities, all kinds of drinks, tips, laundry, any other item of a personal nature.
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