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Nainital, Utaaranchal, India


I started birdwatching and tranquility treks in 1995. I have lived in Nainital all my life. Consequently I have extensive knowledge of the region.

I specialize in tailor made itineraries to suit the independent traveler.

Nainital is known as the paradise of Birds and is an officially notified bird sanctuary and ideal place to pursue this activities.

A check list of almost 150 species can be spotted here.

You will enjoy beautiful views of the Himalayas and surrounding countryside with all its diverse flora and fauna.

My guiding fees are as low as $40 per day for groups of 2 to 4 people.

Contact Mob 91=9411196837.

Area and hotspots

Himalayas Uttarkhand, Munsyari Valley, Nainital Lake, Mukteshwar, Binsar Sanctuary, Corbett Park

Local birds
White-throated Laughingthrush, Asian Barred Owl, Green Backed Tit, Black-throated Tit, The distinctive Hoopoe


I had visited Nainital for bird photography from 16th March to 20th March. I must say, I was fortunate to have Sunil with me. Sunil knows his birds, and also their calls. His identification is near instant. He knows all the hot-spots. Most importantly however, especially from a bird photographer’s point of view, is his quality of extreme patience. There were times where I got rooted to a spot for hours on end to get that right shot, and Sunil just sat through it patiently and cheerfully. I would recommend his services to everyone, who intends to go birding around Nainital.
Parag Joshi. Baroda, Gujarat, India.

We had a very good day’s bird spotting with Sunil, in spite of the rain. Sunil knows where all the good birds are and eyes like a hawk.

A. Anderson and B. Blewitt, AA Birding and Travel (Australia)

We spent an excellent morning bird watching around Snow View and Fairlight with Sunil. He immediately started finding interesting birds and took us on a wild path through the forest. He was very knowledgeable, not only about birds, but also pointed out all the peaks. Among the birds he showed us were, Black Eagle, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Brown-headed Woodpecker, Greater Yellownape, Rufous Sibia, Bar-tailed Tree Creeper, Streaked Laughing Thrush, Striated Laughing Thrush, Rufous-crowned Laughing Thrush, White-throated Laughing Thrush, Nepal House Martin, Long-tailed Minwet (to name but a few).
James Champion (My father was a conservator of forests in Nainital in 1930-40). Personally I want to thank you for a wonderful birding experience, a lovely sunrise over the Himalayas and very interesting talks on the trails. Nigel Champion, UK.

We came to Nainital from far away, not to honeymoon but to birdwatch. Had we not met Sunil by accident, we may not have achieved the purpose of our week long visit. Sunil was a great help in getting us to the few places where the hard to locate birds can be found. Sunil can identify these birds by their vocalisations before he sees them. We consider Sunil an expert birding guide and now also a friend. India can and should be proud of such a fine young man. Thank you Sunil, thank you India for your beautiful birds.
Birdingpals Alicia and Dieter Kamm, Sierra Vista, Arizona

October-2011 - Birding with Sunil and Pangot. After couple of hours with Sunil, it becomes quite obvious, that he is into birding passionately. This is one guy who is into birding, learning, reading, nature whether there is a client or not. He exists for birds! He can tell avian friends by their call & will ID the bird in one glance from a moving car. Polite & modest, Sunil is a pleasure to have around. He is an unobtrusive discreet guide, who works with typical dignity & poise of the mountain people. A few more like him and my country’s birds would in good hands. God Bless. Rajesh & Ritu (India).
8.12.11 - Had a brilliant day looking for Pheasants and other birds. Sunil knows the area very well and knows the birds call. He got quite a few new birds, that I would not have found without him. I would recommend him to any birdes and bird tour company, who are looking for a guide in this area. Sunil is easy to get along with and speaks better English than me. Rab Shand, Ornithologest, Scotland.
7.2.12 - Two special days, Special bird’s, Cheer Pheasant, Koklass and Hill Partridge. I must add that we had 2 very good days of birds. Sunil knows the trails where you can find some of the ‘Specials’. He willalso organize a car, so Nainital area will be stress free. Sunil is easy going and speaks good English and local language making easy to travel around. If you come around plesae take him to guide you. Alberto Garcia Rlos, Ibiza, Spain. Euggni capella, Barcelona,CAT.
February 1-10, 2013

I found Sunil Kumar on the Birdingpal Guides page and asked him if he could arrange a private 10-day trip for me through the Ramnagar–Pangot–Nainital area, which he readily agreed to, and we soon had dates, itinerary and cost worked out via email—which we followed without a hitch. Sunil is a very reliable organizer as well as an excellent birder and an extremely resourceful, hardworking advisor. Everything happened in its time and how it was supposed to, from my being picked up at my Delhi hotel to my return there ten days later.

I was immediately impressed at his generous personality and how personally he took responsibility for anticipating my needs and desires, right down to our tea stops, packed lunches, and hot water supplies, and for providing a maximal birding experience every moment. I am a rather indefatigable hiker, used to long days in the field, but Sunil led our expedition right to the end and was never ready to give up until I did. He is an outstanding birder; he doesn't carry a field guide, but he can tell you the page that the bird is on in the one you're carrying.

I soon discovered that Sunil has a broader knowledge of the natural and historical India around him than just the birds, as he also plans trips for trekkers and other sightseers as well as birders, and he was a wealth of information on many things we saw in passing.

Frankly, Sunil has become a friend whose pleasant companionship I already miss, and I think you will feel the same.

Charles Harper, Yokohama, Japan

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