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Thank you for applying to become a Pal.

A Birding Pal is someone who wants to be a host to visitors who travel from anywhere in the world.
You should enjoy guiding people bird watching in your local area.
You will need to know good hotspots to go birding,
You will be expected to have several years experience bird watching and be able to identify many local species.

Pals are required to answer every message sent to them, even if it is to say you are unavailable.
You may forward any questionable email to us for staff to review.
We suggest you use our system to let us know who you will be meeting with, where and when.
This can help you and them in case of emergency.

If your application is approved we ask you to subscribe for $10 USD a year using the payment company for ebay.
If you do not already have a passphrase please go to:
Successful listings may ask to be removed or to be temporarily "hidden" at anytime.
Staff may deny applications or remove any listing; subscriptions will be refunded.

You will receive a notification email about the status of your application.

Please note: Pals do not ask for payment to go birding with Pals.
Our policy suggests Pals should contribute to pay costs for entrance fees, gas/rental and lunch/expenses.

If you are a professional guide, or want to become one, please go here:
Apply to Become a Professional Guide

Fields marked with * are required, fields marked () are kept private, the rest will make up your public listing.
In the "Areas" field please list named hotspots you'd like to go to.
In the "Note" field please introduce yourself and describe what you'd like to do.

Apply to Become a Birding Pal

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If necessary you may list more than one location.
Area and Hotspots:
Please describe your area and list named hotspots you'd like to go to with a Pal; like reserves, preserves, conservations, sanctuaries, parks, forests, mountains, wetlands, islands etc.
Areas birds:
List of Birds that you can show visitors that are interesting, rare, migrating, nesting, mating, "dive bomber fishing" etc.
Please write an exciting paragraph about yourself and what birding with you would be like.
Your availability
Start with "anytime" vs "weekends" then get specific. For example: "only Sunday mornings," "except April," or "Sept. until June in Germany"
Languages that you speak well.
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